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8t/24h Industrial Flake Ice Machine

8t/24h Industrial Flake Ice Machine

Model:8t/24h Industrial Flake Ice Machine
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8t/24h Industrial Flake Ice Machine

Application Field:                                                                                                       
● Aquatic product processing
● Medium and large chain supermarket
● Fresh preservation and cooling field application
● Concrete cooling project
● Medical facilities
● Dye chemical industry
● Mine temperature reduction
Industrial Flake Ice Machine Features:                                                              
●Reasonable Design
NANBEI ice machine is with integrated structure design, and all our equipments are designed on the basis of modules, so the spot maintenance is simple by removing the old parts and install the new ones. Furthermore we always give consideration to how to conveniently move the ice machine to other places.
●High Stability
NANBEI always aims at researching and manufacturing high efficient and energy-saving refrigeration system; the flake ice machine adopted international ice machine processing technology and experience, it can produce quality flake ice and constantly operate over 20,000 hours without failure.
NANBEI flake ice machine is made of stainless steel, pure aluminium alloy or PE material; flake ice is made inside evaporator so it is not exposed to ambient conditions, its hygiene level reaches international standards of HACCP and FDA.
●Water & Energy Saving
NANBEI flake ice machine recycles all unfrozen water back to the ice machine so as to ensure all water is converted to ice and save water resources; Our unique evaporator processing technology makes it better heat exchange efficiency and saves more energy, moreover our patented internally-scraping ice scraper can help reduce energy consumption. 

Industrial Flake Ice Machine Technical Specifications
Model Capacity(tons/24h) Refrigeration Capacity (kW) Total Power Weight Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)
ZNPB3.0Z-DS/F 3 19.17 9.82 kW 470 kg 1615*1015*1120
ZNPB5.0Z-DS/F 5 28.8 15.28 kW 1100 kg 1850*1370*1373
ZNPB8.0Z-DS/F 8 43.2 22.79 kW 1300 kg 2300*1650*1525
ZNPB10Z-DS/F 10 51.5 29.17 kW 1500 kg 2300*1650*1745
ZNPB15Z-DS/F 15 106.6 55.47 kW 3200 kg 3200*2010*2061
ZNPB20Z-DS/F 20 113.6 65.57 kW 4200 kg 3400*2180*2370
ZNPB25Z-DS/F 25 154.8 77.25 kW 5000 kg 3800*2540*2452
ZNPB30Z-DS/F 30 184.5 92.40 kW 6000 kg 4500*2540*2772
ZNPB35Z-DS/F 35 219.5 108.35 kW 6500 kg 4780*3010*2658
ZNPB40Z-DS/F 40 253.8 121.85 kW 7500 kg 5000*3010*2818
ZNPB50Z-DS/F 50 329.1 160.15 kW 10000 kg 5000*3010*3158
ZNPB60Z-DS/F 60 393.7 189.35 kW 12000 kg 5500*3010*3358

1) Standard Supply Power: 380V/50Hz/3Phase. Ice machine can be customized upon non-standard power.
2) Cooling System: Air/Water Cooling System
3) Supply Water: Fresh Water
4) Refrigerant: R22/R404a
5) Ice Thickness: 1.5~2mm
6) Standard Working Condition: Ambient temperature: 25℃; Water supply temperature: 16℃; Evaporation temperature: -20℃.
7) Applicable Working Condition: Ambient temperature: 5~40℃; Water supply temperature: 0~40℃.
8) Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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