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About the output of the ice machine

Oct 30,2023

Ice machines can be divided into commercial ice machines, home ice machines, and industrial ice machines. The output of ice machines varies greatly due to environmental conditions. It is necessary to clarify the standard working conditions before comparing their ice production capacity.

 household ice maker

Regarding the ice production capacity of ice maker:

1. The ice makers of different kilogram seen on the market mean the ice output in 24 hours a day when the water temperature is 10°C and the ambient temperature is more than 10°C. This is the usual industry standard.

2. There is a big difference between the production capacity of the ice maker in summer and the real production capacity marked on the ice maker. When the water temperature is 30°C and the ambient temperature is 35°C or 36°C, the ice production capacity of the ice maker is only 70-80% of the marked ice production capacity. Air-cooled ice makers are more demanding on the environment. The higher the ambient temperature, the output will even be lower.

3. When customers choose an ice maker, they should choose a model with an ice production capacity greater than or equal to their maximum ice consumption.

 commercial ice machine

In short, with a correct understanding and positioning of the production capacity of the ice making machine, customers can choose a suitable ice making machine to improve usage efficiency and experience.