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How to maintain a commercial ice machine

Dec 28,2023

Commercial ice machines require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure their normal operation and extend service life, as well as to ensure the quality and hygiene of the ice produced. The following are specific methods for maintaining commercial ice machines.

snowflake ice machine 

Commercial ice machine care and maintenance:

1. Regular cleaning

After the ice maker is used for a period of time, dirt or scale will form on the inner wall of the water tank, ice making plate and refrigeration system, which will affect the ice making effect, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

2. Replace the filter

The built-in filter can prevent impurities in the water from entering the system, but the filter will gradually become clogged with use, and affect the ice making effect, so the filter needs to be replaced frequently.

3. Maintain ice making system

The ice making system includes compressor, reducer, motor, etc. Aged and damaged parts need to be regularly checked and replaced to ensure normal operation of the system.

beverage shop ice maker 

4. Check temperature and water level regularly

The ice-making machine needs to maintain appropriate temperature and water level to operate properly, so the temperature and water level need to be checked regularly and the corresponding parameters adjusted.

5. Maintain the surrounding environment

The ice machine should be placed in a ventilated, dry, dust-free, corrosive gas and acid mist-free environment to avoid affecting its normal operation and lifespan.