For dogs that like to snuggle and get warm in enclosed spaces, this is a product that is hard to beat. AT 4:55 - Missing for nearly a full year and separated by over 1,000 miles, how a New Hampshire dog owner and her beloved pet were reunited. A 3-year-old dog that survived on its own for almost a year was recently reunited with his owner, who said she never gave up hope that he was still out there. The clip begins with Kevin donning a unicorn hat and looking sadly at the camera as a strapline flashes across the screen reading: “Kevin was sad because he missed his best friend.” Kate Olson, who lives in New Hampshire, celebrated the safe return of Walter, her golden retriever mix that escaped last year. But Rudy’s helped Barclay feel confident, bold, and so happy! SOMERSWORTH, N.H. — Kate Olson and her Golden Retriever Walter are best friends but the two were separated for nearly a full-year until Walter was found this past week in Missouri. The heartwarming clip has since been seen more than 2 million times But there was one Golden Retriever pup who got a wonderful surprise. Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures that would travel to the ends of the earth to be reunited with their human companions. Barclay is a duck-dog. Just like this Golden Retriever named Kevin who just recently reunited with his best friend after being away for the whole duration of the lockdown. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Donut Cuddler. They play, and wrestle, and like to ride around on vacuums together! Best buddies: Blind golden retriever gets by with a little help from his friend Charlie, and his mate, Maverick, hang out in Mooresville, N.C. Twitter Screenshot Source: Twitter Screenshot This golden retriever didn’t know that his owner was taking him to go meet his best friend. Best bed for golden retrievers that love to burrow. A golden retriever who had been separated from his dog best friend during lockdown has finally been reunited in a heartwarming video. But his absolute favorite is a duck named Rudy. | iHeartRadio Throughout the quarantine period, Kevin was kept away from his best friend. That’s a dog who likes to hang out with ducks! Rudy is Barclay’s best friend. It is even possible to burrow partly into the fur. Before they met, Barclay was really shy. Knowing how sad he was by this, and not understanding that this new way of life was all down to a global pandemic, Kevin’s owner chose to do something sweet to surprise the pup. And when a dog's made up their mind to find their owners, nothing's going to get in their way. If your pup enjoys a furry texture, the Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler is a comfy option. The dog went missing last Thanksgiving when his owner was visiting relatives in Missouri. The puppy sat comfortably on a stone fence and gave the calf kisses after meeting for the first time in months. A montage of clips of our rescued ginger kitten, Koda, growing up with our family's Golden Retriever, Keelo. When we say that dogs are man's best friend, we're not exaggerating.
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